Europe’s Only End-to-End Clinical Biomarker & CDx Summit

In 2021 the life science industry witnessed rapid precision medicine progress led by increased understanding of disease heterogeneity and diagnostic innovation. With the next 12 months set to follow the same upwards trend, the race is on to bring the next wave of biomarker-directed therapies to the clinic.

With increasing discoveries, clinical achievements and partnership announcements hitting the headlines, it’s now more important than ever before the industry gathers so the most pressing end-to-end challenges can be addressed to ensure the continued delivery of validated biomarkers and companion diagnostics reach the market.

With IVDR imminent, and industry looking to optimise the development of translatable biomarkers, robustly validate stratification biomarkers, streamline CDx development as well as navigate the nuances of European reimbursement landscapes for maximised access – It’s timely this this summit returned to facilitate all-important information sharing and collaboration opportunities.

Leaders of the European Biomarker, Diagnostic and Precision Medicine community gathered at this vital meeting in 2022 to:

Advance Innovative Biomarker Discovery and Development through improvements in non-invasive testing, optimising biomarker translation, the development of robust clinically validated assays and leveraging multi-omic analyses for effectively identifying patient populations with superior efficacy and clinical outcomes.

Define Market-Leading Drug-Dx Co-Development & Commercialisation Strategies by forging strong collaborations with industry partners, creating awareness for new biomarker implementation, synchronizing drug-dx regulatory approval and market introduction and confidently navigating the nuanced European reimbursement landscape.

Gain Clarity from European & Global Regulatory Expectations by gathering as an industry to address IVDR’s impacts on clinical, CDx and precision pipeline decision making, changing UK IVD regulation, developing biomarkers providing a clear path forward with regulatory agencies and US, EU & APAC market differences for launching biomarker-driven drug programs.