Pahini Pandya

Pahini Pandya

Company: Panakeia Technologies

Job title: Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Dr Pahini Pandya is the CEO and founder of Panakeia Technologies, which enables rapid multi-omic biomarker profiling in minutes directly from routinely used tissue images, using AI and without the need for wet-lab assays. Trained as a cancer researcher Dr. Pahini Pandya spent the last decade furthering translational research in the field. She pursued a PhD in cancer biophysics at King’s College London, a postdoc at the University of Cambridge and has several publications in top journals. Educated at the Stanford and Cambridge business schools, Pahini has also held several leadership positions across entrepreneurial organisations and helped numerous start-ups commercialise research. She has been recognised as Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum, and received multiple awards for entrepreneurship.


Next-generation multi-omics: in minutes, without wet-lab assays 12:00 pm

Panakeia’s software offers multi-omics biomarker profiles in minutes, without need for wet-lab assays. This is achieved using an AI-driven software that analyses H&E stained images to determine molecular biomarkers directly from the tissue image. The company has offerings for both clinical and research useRead more

day: Conference Day One - Track 1

Panel Discussion: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: How to Ensure Successful Enrollment of Under- Represented Communities in Oncology & Non-Oncology Indications 10:30 am

What impact is the reduction in available assays in Europe having on clinical trials? What does this mean for patient representation? How are all stakeholders involved in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the co-development of CDx and drugs for more patients?Read more

day: Conference Day Two - AM

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