Pahini Pandya

Pahini Pandya

Company: Panakeia Technologies

Job title: Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Next-Generation Multi-Omics: in Minutes, Without Wet-Lab Assays 4:55 pm

Panakeia’s software offers multi-omics biomarker profiles in minutes, without need for wet-lab assays This is achieved using an AI-driven software that analyses H&E stained images to determine molecular biomarkers directly from the tissue image The company has offerings for both clinical and research useRead more

day: Day One Track D PM

Panel Discussion: Equity, Diversity & Inclusion: How to Ensure Successful Enrolment of Under- Represented Communities in Oncology & Non-Oncology Indications 10:20 am

What are the key bottlenecks to engage with all patient communities and to ensure successful enrolment of under-represented? How can we measure success in precision medicine clinical trials from the ED&I lens? What role different stakeholders (regulators, drug developers, CDx developers) can all play to improve ED&I in precision medicine clinical trials? Read more

day: Day One

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